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Press Release: CSA Urges DeSantis to Investigate Foreign-backed Non-Profit Environmental Groups


Common Sense America Urges Governor Desantis to Investigate the Center for Biological Diversity

Cites Previous Congressional Investigation into Foreign Influence Over Non-Profit Environmental Groups

(Washington, DC - 3/14/2023) - Today, Common Sense America (CSA) calls on Governor DeSantis to launch an investigation into foreign support of non-profit activist groups, including Center for Biological Diversity (CBD), who seek to influence public policy. This action follows CSA’s request to Congress two weeks ago to renew and expand the congressional investigations into foreign nations’ influence over domestic non-profits.

“China has had a tremendous amount of success infiltrating our nation in ways we have never even expected - buying up critical farmland, controlling technological supply chains, and leveraging public investment to facilitate their global expansion,” says Steve Crim, founder of Common Sense America. “As the Florida legislative session gets underway, it’s critical to be aware of the potential influence of foreign interests in environmental front groups that are operating right under our nose.”

CBD is active in multiple states, including Florida, and is attempting to influence state and local policy makers in order to undermine American policy. CBD has 195 staff members, almost half of them lawyers, and has spent more than $100 million of undisclosed funds over the last five years. In Florida, CBD is led by multiple lawyers and public relations experts who have teamed with other groups, such as EarthJustice, to file multiple lawsuits in Florida courts in an attempt to impact public policy

In 2018, Congress began investigating foreign nations, including China and Russia, for their influence over domestic non-profits, Center for Biological Diversity, EarthJustice, and others. Common Sense America has called on Congress to renew and expand the Committee on Natural Resources investigation to fully understand China’s influence in the environmental lobby and our food supply.

To learn more on how Common Sense America is bringing a common sense approach to our government on our website.

Download Common Sense America’s letter to Governor Desantis by clicking here.

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