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CSA Urges McMaster to Investigate Foreign-backed Front Groups

(March 29, 2023) - Today, we have sent Governor McMaster a letter urging his administration to investigate the Center for Biological Diversity, Sierra Club and other extremist front groups for potentially utilizing foreign investment and resources to influence policy in the state of South Carolina with the goal of undermining America’s food production, and economic and national security interests.

Just this week, the Associated Press published an article, “Amid strained US ties, China finds unlikely friend in Utah,” outlining Chinese in the state of Utah via investment in the Mormon Church, to influence state policy issue areas that have direct impact on national security. This is most certainly the tip of the iceberg of efforts from foreign entities to influence domestic policy.

South Carolina is no stranger to violations directly from hostile acts from foreign entities as illustrated by the Chinese spy balloon incident, which concluded with the foreign craft shot down off the coast. It’s critical that leaders remain vigilant to the multifaceted threat China poses to South Carolina and our country, not only militarily, but also politically and economically.

Read our letter by clicking on this here.

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