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Common Sense America Calls on Congress to Expand Investigations of Possible Chinese Front Groups

In 2018 Congress began investigating China and Russia’s use of domestic non-profits, Center for Biological Diversity, EarthJustice, et al, as front groups to influence American public policy. In a letter addressed to the Center for Biological Diversity, the Committee on Natural Resources wrote “The Committee on Natural Resources is continuing its oversight of the potential manipulation of 501 (c) organizations by foreign entities to influence U.S. environmental and natural resource policy…”

China’s attempts over the last six months to spy on America from the sky, buy up critical farm land, and control our food supply have been exposed. China’s attempts and successes in infiltrating America are much greater than anyone expected. This is partly detailed in Bloomberg’s article "Russia and China Have a Stranglehold on the World’s Food Security".

In light of these developments, the Committee on Natural Resources investigation has proven to be a prudent action in protecting America and must be renewed and expanded in this new Congress.

Mainstream Americans deserve to know the depth of China’s activities in shaping environmental policy in the United States.



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