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Protect America's Critical Resources and National Security

Sign our petition to send a message to the Biden Administration and Congress that the Chinese government is a hostile threat to our economy and national security.

China currently processes approximately two-thirds of the world's lithium and cobalt, and is the source of nearly 60% of aluminum and 80% of polysilicon. These minerals play a crucial role in producing the everyday items we rely on, such as cars, phones, lights, and other essential products. Recent actions by China, including restrictions on the export of gallium and germanium, demonstrate their ability to exert control over items vital to our daily lives.

Moreover, China's influence is not limited to international trade; they are attempting to infiltrate our local governments and communities to advance their own agenda. By leveraging Hollywood production companies and environmental groups, such as Cinema Libre Studios and the Center for Biological Diversity, they manipulate public opinion and hinder mining and production of America's own critical minerals, further increasing their control over us.

The protection of America's critical minerals is crucial to safeguarding our national security, technical innovation, and food independence. By signing this petition, we unite in our commitment to advance common-sense policies that ensure a self-reliant and resilient America. 

Urge Congress to act now and secure our future! Sign the petition and share it with your fellow citizens to make a difference.

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